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Lothar of the Hill People

Lothar Classical Piano Germany

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Lothar Classical Piano Germany

Period-appropriate piano music for the German campaign sets quite a different mood than the cinematic presentation of the official soundtrack. Additional musical immersion mods may follow for other nations.


The Music: The Austrian composer and painter Arnold Schönberg scores the German campaign. The break-down of classical tonality pioneered in these piano works presaged the collapse of European civilization into the Great War.


Drei Klavierstücke, Op.11

Composed: 1909

Published: 1910


Sechs kleine Klavierstücke, Op.19

Composed: 1911

Published: 1913





The installer will extract the mod into your OFF JSGME mods folder if OFF and JSGME are installed correctly. Either activate manually in JSGME, or OFFbase 0.7.7 and above will activate the mod automatically for German campaigns.


Obviously conflicts with the "Creaghorn StartupGerman" mod and other music replacers. OFFbase will give this pack priority for the German campaign if installed.



Source: Piano Society: Free Classical Recordings


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