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I took a break from SF2 for about a year. Before I took this break, I struggled flying the F-4. I read a lot and practiced a lot and still always ended up wallowing like a pig at 220Kts. I couldn't maneuver for a sidewinder shot on a mig-17 for nuthin'. I could only get them head on with a sparrow from range. Some slight FM tweaks was the only way I could handle the F-4.


But after a year's break and a new computer, I installed the SF2 series with fresh new May2012 installers. Suddenly, me and the F-4 are buddies. I'm on the Mig-17s like white on rice, and the Mig-21s haven't got a chance. No FM tweaks necessary.


I'm happy about it for sure, but I'm wondering what changed? Did the FMs get reworked a bit or did my brain do some ACM rewrites during my hiatus?

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Yes... and it seems to me that the rudder response is vastly improved. The original flight model was a bear... I would be all over a mig but I needed to bring the nose just a few degrees on target for a gun kill and It would be almost impossible. Those members who have flown the F-4 in RL ,especialy the slatted wing versions have stated that the third wire flight model needed work and that the real phantom was able to make finer movements to bring its nose on target( once it was pointed in the general direction of the target) with much less difficulty than the third wire flight model allowed at that time.

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