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EAF TW F-16A Skins

Egyptian Air Force TW F-16A Skins


Requires Strike Fighters 2 Israel!!


This is my attempt at the EAF F-16A.

It contains the later well known high-viz grey scheme that gives some of the Egyptian aircraft their unique flavor & the overall standard Egyptian grey scheme.


I could only find a handful of reference photos of the early A & B models so feel free to make any suggestions or any changes.


It is possible to just drop the skins directly in to your F-16A_Netz folder but I recommend you use them with the Updated F-16A Block 10 1.1 pack or similar TW F-16A packages in the downloads section.





Drop the skins folder in your F-16A or what ever you have called your TW F-16.

Place the decals folder in the in your Objects/Decals folder.


Add the following to your F-16A USERLIST:








Hope you enjoy







- Fantastic TW F-16A Templates by Wrench.

- Bits & bobs from MigBusters Euro Packages & Dave's Updated F-16A Block 10 1.1 pack.

- Original numberlist & decals from the WOI F-16A Blk.10 Arab pack by suhsjake.

- ThirdWire Original Templates.


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