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[Fictional] Kestrel Super Pack

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[Fictional] Kestrel Super Pack

Fictional mod of Julhelm's fictional nice tiny bird for SF2.



This pack contains the following planes:


Kestrel FG.2 - Dhimar, RAF, Royal Navy

Yakovlev Yak-43 "Firestarter" - Soviet Air Force, Soviet Navy

ZA-9 Kestrel - VF-103 "Jolly Rodgers"

ZA-9AR Aguará - Argentine Navy

ZA-9E Gavilán (A.8) - Spanish Air Force

ZA-9F Ouragan II - French Navy

ZA-9G Greif - German Luftwaffe

ZA-9I Smamit - Israeli Air Force

ZA-9J Kestrel - Japanese Air Self Defense Force


The engines got modified allowing now a vertical take off. But it's a bit tricky.

YE BE WARNED! smile.gif




Just drop the folders into your mod folder.




First of all: Big thanks to Julhelm for this precious bird. It's fun flying it. Due to the size of it, you start thinking that you can hide everywhere or sneak in undetected (although it does not function smile.gif)


Second to Spinners. Big big thanks for the british and dhimar Kestrel.


And of course to HrntFxr for allowing me using his VF-103-Skin for the ZA-9 in this release.



In case I forgot anybody, please contact me and I will correct it ASAP.


Old readmes from Julhelm and HrntFxr are also included.



And now have fun with it.




P.S.: This package is not fully complete. More planeversions will be added.


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