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WOI : Custom Skins for Mirage III CJ Shahak by Mil Psd

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Since i made my 1st skin of a PAF Mirage III based on Israel AF Mirage IIICJ Shahak, i have the base layer separate from Rivets and panel line layers. This takes half the load off in case i want to paint new schemes for the Mirage , which i will be frequently doing :D Skinning is awesome . Here, i shall post pics of my completed and in progress skins based off the standard Mirage IIICJ Shahak Templete provided by Thirdware .


As i am just beginning to enter the world of mods and skins, all my works are up for discussion and criticism . I would really like to have some feed back from the members.


First Up : for Naruto fans , a WIP Mirage skin of Akatsuki Airforce Sharingan jet :D


> Some details neeed to be worked out . Need to redo the airbrakes and i would try to edit the pilot to look like an akatsuki member .



Mil Psd


P.S. : MODS can i ask to merge my PAF Mirage thread with this one . Since from now on i will be posting all my mirage related works in this one thread . thanx




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