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A6M2-N "Rufe" Floatplane Fighter

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A6M2-N "Rufe" Floatplane Fighter

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A6M-2N "Rufe" WW2 IJN Floatplane fighter


For SF/Wo* or SF2 --


Please note, this aircraft is not fully SF2 compliant! The package, with the exception of the included destroyed model, and SF2-ized 'weapon' (ie: the floats) will need to be converted by YOU -the End User- for SF2 compatibility. The data ini has the added lines for the included destroyed model. It shouldn't change anything for SF/Wo*, except it not showing up after you shoot it down.


It also is in DIRE need of a corrected/Updated 08 and/or SF2 level Flight Model. This mod is released "as is" (meaning as it was in 08). Adjustments/tweeks are encouraged!


The readme included, is in it's original 2008 state. Seperate instructions are included for adding the destroyed model, for SF2 usage


*Note: it will NOT take off or land on water (the game has never supported this), but from land bases. For some reason, the "invisible airfield" as used on several WW2 terrains is NOT working in SF2. BE ADVISED!!*



This is a modification to ArmourDave's A6M2 "Zero" fighter, converting it into the float-plane version as built by Nakajima for the Imperial Japanese Navy. Historically, probably the most successful floatplane fighter ever produced.


There are 2 complete versions of the Rufe included in this package:


1) A6M2-N_Early: this has the light gray skin as used in mid-to-late 1942. This aircraft contains 2 new skins (created from a new template, based off the original skins as seen on some other Zero mods of mine); 11 Kokutai, based aboard the seplane tender 'Kamikawa Maru' in the northern Solomons circa July-August 1942, and 14 Kokutai, also based in the Solomons area. circa 1942 (actually the Shortland Islands, but who's counting?)


2) A6M2-N: this aircraft has the later (ie: early 1943 on) green overall camo. This aircraft ALSO contains 2 new skins (as above); 802 Kokutai based at Jaluit, Marshall Islands circa August 1943; and 902 Kokutai as seen in November, 1943 based at Truk.


Happy Landings!



kevin stein


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