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A-4 Japanese skins what-if?

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I think it's about time you try this one yourself ... here's how...... ---->


Say you're gonna make a JASDF A-4E*; you extract the 4 skin maps from whichever object data cat they're stored in, along with the textureset ini, decals ini and numberlist (since you prolly won't be making decals yourself). You'll also need to extract the data.ini and userlist.ini, to add Japan as a user (with appropriate years, and double check the Exported=TRUE in the data ini, and adjust the years accordingly


create a folder in the A-4E, call it "JASDF". drop all the stuff in there. everything.

Then, open the textureset ini, and do this:










the decals ini won't need touching, as it calls generic markers (insignia, etc). now, if want a specific Hikotai, you'll have to learn decal creation (and it ain't really that hard!)


Another interestering fact, is that TK gave us nearly 200 countries in the game ... its a simple matter to just choose "Japan Air Self Defense Force" in the Service window on the Single Mission menu page. It'll use the base 'generic' Gray/white scheme, but the game has worked this way since 2003.



*this assumes you want a standard GullGray/White scheme. for camo, you'll have use one the DLC scooter skins, or even one of dtmdragon's green Kahu skins, albeit for the E model*

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