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Runtime Error Mismatch

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If there is anyone who could help me

I have an Acer PC with 4gb Ram and windows vista 32 bit and a Phenom processor.


I am trying to run OverFlanders Fields Phase 2 on to another hard drive and when I double click the Off Manager Icon I get a runtime time Error mismatch 13

I hope that I have a screenshot of this posted with this query if anyone can help Iwould be most grateful


gary Kidman


Email me


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Look in the sticky post above yours.




Anyway for that old version we cannot offer support, it was not designed to run on Vista but in the very forum at CA you posted this in too, there is a sticky post read through that Gary.


Follow this, http://combatace.com/topic/37679-how-to-setup-off-phase-2-only/


Read through that carefully.


If you mean you just copied OFF to another drive/folder and it doesn't run - it won't work like that anyway. It would need properly un-installing then re-installing. ye Olde Phase 2 probably more so.






OBD Software, proud developers of

the fabulously immersive WW1 FLIGHT SIM

Over Flanders Field : Between Heaven and Hell


(see for OFF FAQ!)

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