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India-Pakistan Terrain Tweeks Pak

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India-Pakistan Terrain Tweeks Pak

India-Pakistan Terrain Tweeks Pak

- For SF2, Any and All -


This is a relatively small tweeks pak for the India-Pakistan terrain. It is to be applied to the original I/P terrain download available at




There has been a few small changes in the 'eye candy' department, and a slight cleanup of some of the airbases. A few new terrain =AND= GroundObjects have been added, and included for ease of installation. These changes are not major and will not effect much, except adding the recently released fuel truck repaints, both the red and yellow 'followme' jeeps, and little things like that.


A new TFD and HFD are included, as some retiling had to be done. Also, a new "india1" planning map was created. It's just very basic, showing the region.


As always, fairly simple, easy to follow install instructions are included. Please read and follow them. It's pretty straight-forward (for once!)


Happy Landings!



kevin stein


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when i was rebulding the airfields, in particular Mianwali PAFB, I felt really stupid for leaving out an entire city!!

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