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For P-39 Fans (I know you're out there)

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OK, after reading Wrench's last post in his recent P-39_VVS Release Thread, I'll post this here instead ....


A quick suggestion, for Dsawan (and anyone else) who may be having "aesthetic issues" with Wrench's new P-39_VVS --

It is easy to add an alternative texture set to an existing aircraft model.

-- Simply find (or make) one you like (using the SAME aircraft .lod and its textures as templates -- in this case, Wolf257's original P-39 model);

-- Copy/Add your new texture folder to your "P-39_VVS" aircraft folder, and add the appropriate [TextureSet002] lines to the bottom of your "P-39_VVS.ini" file;

-- Make sure to check the "Decals.ini" file (if it has one, within your new texture folder) to make sure each line calls the appropriate path, starting with "P-39_VVS" (e.g., "P-39_VVS\MyTex\D\whateverdecal").


You can then pick and choose whether you want to fly a "weathered, and historically accurate" plane or, perhaps, a "fresh-off-the-Lend-Lease-ship, and possibly speculative" skin, as the spirit moves you.


As it just so happens, there IS an alternative skin, exactly like that, available to you free, right here --



It is based on Wrench's P-400 skin for Wolf257's P-39 (so it's still "all in the family," so to speak).

And all the stars are decals, so they're nice and crisp.

Use the above guide to extract the texture folder (feel free to throw away the rest of it) and see how you like having the choice.




[incidentally, and FYI for you other P-39 fans, the A-Team came up with a nifty, simple way to remove the outer wing guns on THEIR version of the P-39Q, through simple "RemoveBit" text edits in _Data.ini (and deleting the //Internal Guns ----- entries). Some P-39 versions had only 2 wing MG, rather than 4 (and different gun types as well -- more "historical accuracy"...).

I don't think I can post their edits here without permission.

So, just letting you know about it.

And, of course, THEIR P-39s offer even more "alternative Russian skins," if you happen to have any of their versions.

See? No need to ask the Mod Author to "fix" something, when with a bit of practice, you can usually "do-it-yourself" and "have it your way"].


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Another little remark: had trouble getting it off the ground. Made it a bit lighter at 2477 kg (something like that in Wikipedia) instead of a somewhat hefty 3480 kg...:grin: (not that it matters that much but at least it becomes airborne in my WOE version)

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I did mention in the readme that it's in DIRE need of a new FM!! :lol:

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