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Tinkering under the hood

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What is everyones worst nightmare when it comes to messin' around with plane models ?

My own personal hell is weapons loads.......how complicated can it possibly be ? I know I am not and " advanced modder " I just tinker as you all know ( I have asked for assistance several times ) but getting different bombs to work on aircraft that are supposed to be able to carry them is a real swine.............here is an example, I am not happy with the bomb loads on the Bristol Fighter, the bomb rack is incorrect, as there shout be 3 bomb racks all together, four bombs under each wing and a four bomb rack under the fuselage. According to Chaz Bowyers book on the F2B the airframe is rated to carry 12 cooper bombs, and 4 Rl112 bombs 2 under the fuselage or one under each wing.

do ya think I can get the sod to work ?....not a chance in Hades !! It is a struggle to even get the standard load out as per the model to work !!! The USAS bombs I have found are awkward to get to show up, some of them dont at all !!! and yes I have changed the Nation settings for the bomb racks ......and the bombs !!!


So that is my personal demon, what are yours ? :idea::idea::idea:

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