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Udaloy & UdaloyII Data.INI Update

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Since the July update fixed the SAM issue I have been working on Ships air defenses again. I have managed to get all of the Udaloy & UdaloyII classes surface to air and CIWS weaponry working. All SA-N-9 launchers now function and I was able to link the SA-N-11's to the nodes of the unused RBU-6000 launchers so that they function without interfering with the Kashtan's CIWS gun role.


This is only a pair of data.ini file for the ships. You will need the "Udaloy class upgrade package 1.0" and SF2:NA for these files to work. I think that this data.ini file should be integrated into the "Udaloy class upgrade package" as an optional data file. I would like to here your opinion of this file.


Udaloy I&II INI Update.7z

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