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Flyable Spad 7 IRAS Skin Set

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Flyable Spad 7 IRAS Skin Set

Flyable Spad 7 for Eastern Front Campaign & FE2


This is a skin set and data/ini file mod to permit the stock Fe2 Spad 7 to be a flyable plane, using the TW quality LOD's and bump maps of the FE2 Spad 7. The only Spad 13 piece is the stock Spad 13 cockpit with minor adjustments. There are several skin sets for various IRAS units, including two of the leading aces, Kazakov and Smirnoff. The skins are a joint effort with Stephen1918. I could not do the Beta testing without doing skins! The FM is entirely my fault, a revised Peter01 FM, with adjustments for Russian service, but it could also be used for other nations. The Leprieur rockets are not part of the loadout packages, as I saw no reports of the Russians using them on the Spad 7. Only the 150 HP FM is included because that is the version used by the Russians (there were very few of the others, even in France). The original files are included in case you want to revert to them without expanding the entire Fe2 fileset.


I have not tested this mod in any version other than Fe2, but I see no reason why the skins and cockpit mod should not work in the various forms of FE1, provided you tinker a bit. You may or may not have to delete the bump maps.


IMHO the Jones Soft Mode enabler is the way to get this and other mods in and out of the game, but you can certainly do it all manually if you prefer.


There are also hangar and loading screens (apologies to Frank Luke) to help with immersion in Stephen1918s excellent Eastern Front Campaign.




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I like the new SPADs, they seem to work OK in FE1. The bump files and the userlist don't seem to be used, but FE1 just ignores them. I also like the skins for Strutter and the Morane N. The eastern front is getting more active!

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