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P-51D Mustang "Nose Arts" Skinpak

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P-51D Mustang "Nose Arts" Skinpak

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P-51D Mustang "NoseArt" Skin Pak

= For SF2, Any & All, PLUS! SF2:I ExpansionPak 1 =


** SF2:I Exp1 is REQUIRED!!!!, as it contains the P-51D. If you do =NOT= have it, don't download

this mod, as you'll be unable to use it!!! This pack may also be usable in WoI, with it's

Expansion Pak. This has NOT been tested**


A new skin for WW2/Post-War Mustangs that adds 100 nose arts decals, culled from various and

sundry other skins/projects I've done, plus several new ones. Some are historically accurate for

the period depicted; Some will be 'anachronistic' for the late 1940s, but that's part of the fun!

A new P-51 skin is included, that has the red spinner repainted back to a more 'natural metal'



Decal Randomization is set to TRUE. Skin maps are in jpg format.


- PARENTAL ADVISORY: This pack contains several artworks that depict the nude human female form

(ok, right, well actually, MOST of them do!!). If you find these to be offensive, you should

consult your doctor and/or psycholigist immeadately (if not sooner), as there must be something

quite wrong with you!!

Users under 18 years of age must have permission from a parent or guardian to download this mod.


Happy Oggling!


kevin stein

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I added that as sort of a 'self protection jammer'; we DO have under-aged kids around here as users, and I don't want to be blamed for 'corrupting' them (yeah, like the Web ain't doing that already!! :biggrin:


now, folks, see if you can ID the people used on some of them!

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