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I'm a FE1 owner and even if I use almost only Rise of Flight, I would like to buy FE2 too. Just I would know which are the main differences between FE1 and FE2 ? Thanks.

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The biggest is you get higher FPS because FE2 is programed to use dual core CPU versus FE1 only using a single core CPU . Second is the AI has been tweaked so it is smarter. Third is FE2 uses DX10 versus DX9 for FE1 which allows for better graphic effects. Last, you get all the planes from FEG (FE1 + Exp1) included in FE2.


All in all, I completely use my FE2 game and only use my FE1 game to check certain things when I do modding. FE2 is definately worth the cost.

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