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SK-16_Harvard for SF2 and SF1

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SK-16_Harvard for SF2 and SF1

Swedish SK-16 Harvard updated skins for SF2 AND SF1 Series




Model by Bunyap

Skin template by Ariell

Cockpit by Wolf with some re-texturing by Charles and Wrench

Pilot by Geo

Flight model, data files by Charles




SF2 series users:

As usual.Install the Objects to your Objects in the MOD folder.

The Sound file PropLoop2.WAV goes in your Sounds folder, if you don't already have it there.

SF1 series users:

Put the Aircraft/SK-16_Harvard folder in yor Objects/Aircraft folder

put the FILES in Pilots folder to your Objects/Aircraft folder

Then put the RSAFyellow and RSAFgreen folders from extras/forSF1series in yor Objects/Aircraft/SK-16_Harvard

and let the files overwrite.

(There is a problem with the decals since there was a max no of decals per mesh

but one way of fixing this is to use the "prepainted insignia versions" located in extras/for_sf1series/)


NOTE: To get correct squadron numbers you need to fix the SQUADRONLIST.INI in the PilotData folder.

This is my "default" where the swedish squadrons is index 378-394. (This is as far as I know the standard sqlist from sf2 series)

The squadron numbers need to match the decal's imagenames (the number part of the name) in the Decal folder.




The (North American/Noorduyn AT-16) SK-16 Harvard was an advanced trainer in the Swedish airforce from 1945-1974 !


Greetings to the SF1 SF2 Community !




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Hah, never tough I see you around to update those. I used them for an AAR earlier this summer. Nice birds, all around.

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