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Possible weapon bug?

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I set up a mission just to watch the AI for fun. I had a flight of Tornados launch Sea Eagles at a small convoy of Abkhazian ships. The missiles launched, made it to the convoy, skimming the surface along the way and then climbed and went into a dive towards their targets. The missiles simply traveled through the ships. All of them. Then the missiles would sit in the water for about half a second, twitch a little, and fly around the ship making multiple attempts to hit the ships, but every time passed through them. Some of the missiles then started traveling away from the convoy backwards would slow down and head back towards the convoy. Some got shot down at this point. The rest did the fly the fly through the ship into the water, twitch, and fly around and make passes at the ships again. Is this a known bug?


I'm running only DCS World, if it helps.

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