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to all italy addon testers

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to those that have been selected to test the intial files, you have been contacted thru pm wiht links, please honor my request and do not post or share any info that you have as far as pw, or dl links, these are for our own private use, and not to be publically uploaded and for your personal use only

i do hope that you can abide by this request, i have always tried to not intentionally infringe on the off teams copywrite,and would hold my addon tester to this same standard,,

i would also ask you allto keep any discussion private or open about the italy addo to this forum only(combat ace)


thank you



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tester when you go to the site please click on the folder to open it up then you can dl each file in it indivually, other wise you willhave to have a premium account to dl an entire folder at one time,, sorry for mistake on my part of not informing you all of this before hand

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Stumpjumper, even though I had to hit the road again early this week and won't be back home until tomorrow I did manage to get your Italy add-on downloaded and installed. I chose to copy my entire OBD folder and renamed it 'OFF Italian Front', then added in all your files and made the changes as you described. I can launch it from my desktop with the new shortcut and everything works great, and nothing in my 'stock' OFF install has been disturbed. I would recommend this same method to all the other IF testers. One item: I did have to go into all but one of your missions and change the names of the aeroplanes used to match the P3 folder names, but other than that all is well.


Many thanks!





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too much hotel coffee
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