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"End of the World"...

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<S>...Well it's been a few months since I have last visited :blink: So I'm sittin' here browsin' around and :shok: KABLAAAM... :shok: What? When? Why? Who'z Responsible? How dare you remove the "USAF" Forum, LOL (j/k). Now that I am way behind the times, looks asthoughSLIKK is still up to makin' USAF every good as it used to be, even better?!?! Just dl'd CD1 for SuperPro 2 and waitin for the CD2 to be posted-released. Now I gotta find me original USAF cd's and maybe SP1 cd's as well, then have to dust off the ol' Saitek and learn how to use it all over again? Wow, am I reminiscing or what... :rofl: So if this SP2 flies, I'll be lookin for some good ol' 1v1, or AOW, Gunz ONLY!!! No TuTus and no UFO's, unless of course a UFO is all you got, then bring it. If you know what I just said well I guess I just conjured up some ol' ghosts, :victory:


One last line...Hoping everyone has a Safe and Happy New Year!!! May the Ghosts of USAF's past rise and conquer the skies once more...(Hope everyone still carries a Snake-Bite Kit)




\_/ ...this shot reserved for 0DB!!!

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140 gunz only FFA in the canyons no tutus and no ejecting...or make it interesting, 105s only. :clapping:


Man I miss JCN! :bye: Although many hardcore guys say USAF was cheesy, it was still a blast. JCN was also great with all the characters and squads who stuck together (like a soap opera at times, but was still fun) for 2-3 years. I know I always looked foward to firing up USAF and JCN at every possible opportunity for three years. I wish something would come around again that could bring so many people together like JCN did, but it's not looking good. Some of my best internet and real life friends are because of USAF and JCN.


Thanks for bringing up the ghosts. :)


<S> Weasy


AKA in JCN: Hoosier469 (the rookie pilot), BigBalls_HO (for a few days...don't ask), Weasel_87FIS, BlackSnake (incognito after everyone wanted to kill me all the time and no other 87FIS were on ;)).

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I'll Drink to that...we need to round up the old farts and relive the old days of SCUBA Bashing and G/K's. To all the Ho's ODB's 87FIS, WP, 52nd's SAF and utters...


Snakebite...just don't zoom with F-16 in that or you'll get called out! :)



And Happy

New Years



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