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NEWBIE! How do I install FE?

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Hi Guys,


I have just found my original copy of the First Eagles CD, I never did get round to installing it at the time (its dated 2006!) but now fancy giving it a go. I know I can just stick the CD in and hey-presto but i've seen loads of patches available and just wondered what order I need to patch in? Also are there any 3rd party add-ons you can recommend?





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Here is the last patch for First Eagles: http://combatace.com/files/file/8942-first-eagles-nov-2008-update/


Unfortunetly, unless you get the FE Exp1 or FE Gold, you will not have some of the later planes like the Sopwith Camel or Fokker Dr1.


If you go to the First Eagles / First Eagles 2 download section of this forum, you will see a lot of planes, skins, terrains and other items to upgrade your game.


If you really like the game, you should really consider moving up to FE2, it not only has everything that FE Exp1/FEG has, but also runs faster on a multicore PC versus the older FE1 (which is optimized for the older single core PCs)

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Hi Panama,


Does that patch include all the others? I can see about 5-6 different ones here? I'm using an old 7800GS on a P4 3ghz so not fussed about multicore.



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