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Lisunov Li-2 Cab

The Lisunov Li-2, originally designated PS-84 (NATO reporting name "Cab"),

was a license-built version of the Douglas DC-3. It was produced by Factory #84

in Moscow-Khimki and, after evacuation in 1941, at TAPO in Tashkent.

The project was directed by aeronautical engineer Boris Pavlovich Lisunov.


This is the post war turretless model rebuilt by me from the stock C-47A.


18 Skins: 3 PLAAF, 1 CVL, 1 FAR, 2 NKPAF, 2 ML, 1 PWL, 5 VVS, 1 SyAAF,

1 VPAF, 1 Yugo each one with its historical decalset


hangars, loding and loadout immages



- Wrench for templates

- Kesselbruth for C-47 pit (I'm still looking for a russian styled one)

- Kubit for PWL decals & references

- Gaunt for Hungarian stuff help



All in main mod folder and overwrite.

I hope this could be used in most of our campaigns from Nato Fighters, to Vietnam,

Sweden, as in Mid East, Korea and in Taiwan, too.


@ paulopanz


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