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Slight Change to my old DM

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While I'm waiting for another job to start soon, I decided to play around with my DM files.


This time I only adjusted the probabilities around and left EVERYTHING else in the file intact including damage box hit points and special effects - I figured that the devs probably spent and enormous amount of time to get these things right, but may have made a decision not to adjust the probablities. As almost any part of the plane has an equal 100% chance to get hit.


Mine are are adjusted a bit different.. Body - 90%, Wings - 70%, Engine - 30%, Guns - 10%, Cables - 5%, etc..


So far here are my observations:


1. No more engines jumping out of planes

2. Hits to the engine causes heavy black smoke with fewer engine fires unless the fuel tank is hit enough times. It seems that when the AI craft engine fails (heavy smoke) they just glide down and try to land in an open area. A neat consequence of this is that the plane decends perfectly level and much more likely to get knocked out of the sky with a direct shell hit.

3. The craft's body is the most common thing to get hit first if your randomly shooting.

4. Some crafts have the pilot with a higher chance to get hit eg Fokker EIII.


This DM is much different than my other one because the crafts very rarely explode into pieces when hit. 80% of the time they spew out heavy smoke and sometimes will catch fire.


I hope that some of you can try this one out and let me know what you think - negative/positive comments all welcome.



Buddy1998 Modified DM_2.1.7z

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Discovered a slight hiccup. All folders with DFW & Halb need to be deleted from the zip - otherwise sim won't load properly. Then you can use JSCME to load the mod. I'll upload the new zip to the download section.

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