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SF2 KAW Era F4U/AU-1 Corsair Pak by TMF

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SF2 KAW Era F4U/AU-1 Corsair Pak by TMF

SF2 Korean War Era F4U/AU-1 Corsair Pak by TMF


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


This package contains theTMF Corsairs for use during the Korean War. There are 4 complete aircraft in this pak, with a ship-load of skins/decal sets.


Skins/Decal sets are included for the following units:



VF-24 "Renegades" (USS Boxer, 7/50-11/50)

VF-63 "Fighting Redcocks" (same as above)

VF-64 "Freelancers" (same as above)

VF-113 "Stingers"(USS Philippine Sea, 7/50-3/51)

VF-114 "Excutioners" (same as above)

VMF-312 "Checkboards" (Shore based, various fields in Korea)



VF-53 (USS Essex 1/51-3/52)

VF-54 (same as above)

VF-192 (USS Princeton, 11/51-5/52)

VF-791 "Fighting Rebels" (USS Boxer, 3/51-10/51)

VMA-323 "Deathrattlers" (shore based, various fields in Korea)

VMA-332 "Polka Dots" (USS ??? -flew off CVE)

VMF-214 "Black Sheep" (shore based)



VC-3 (various Dets aboard ship)

VMF-513 "Flying Nightmares" (shore based, various fields)



VMA-212 "Devil Cats" (land based until 1951, transfered to USS Bataan)

VMA-323 (used F4U from USS Badoeng Strait, 1950; shore based after?)


*Please note, many Corsair squadrons flew both the -4 and -4B at the same time. As the aircraft are mapped identically, it's an easy job to swap out skins/decal sets, for those so inclined. There is also one 'Easter Egg' squadron, as you all know how I hate wasting good skins/decal sets!! :wink: *


The aircraft is fully carrier-capable, with all the SF2NA coding for deck 'parking'.

Skins are in jpg format, so you MUST be at (minimum) Nov 2011, or the Latest July 2012 patch level (HIGHLY suggested!!!). All markings are decals and are Randomized. BuNums are accurate for the aircraft variant depicted, but not for the actual ones used by the squadrons; consider them 'generic' for that purpose.

Standard Animations keystrokes are used for the canopy (Shift/0) and wingfold (shift/9) *Note the -4/-4B wingfold no longer works for some inexplicable reason*.


As always, fairly easy to follow, highly detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too.


Good Hunting!


kevin stein


-with special thanks to my brothers in the Mod Mafia-

For Oli ...

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