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NE-1 Grasshopper’s for SF1/WOV/WOE 06 Patch level installs

To install: Read the "Must Read First.txt"! This Mod requires an edit to the FLIGHTENGINE.ini

UnZip and drop the NE-1 the folder into the Aircraft folder.

Go Fly

This mod is intended for WWII install’s as a AI aircraft, the game engine was not intended for prop aircraft with low hp and airspeed, the aircraft fly ok as AI or on easy, poor on normal and barely on hard. (See Change Log)

The Door and window open with the Thrust Vector keys.(Dose not effect flight)

08 Level Patch FM INcluded.( Not suported or reconmeded).

AI Or Auto Pilot is OK.(See Change Log)

SF2 is not supported at this time.

Anyone who wishes to update the FM or convert this mod for SF2 and re-upload it may do so.



TW: FM (moded by me).

AC 3D Model, Cockpit and Textures: Myself

Cliff11 for FlightEngine INfo.

This Mod is Freeware and not to be sold!





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I tried it in SF2 and it works perfect. Thank you for this addition!

the Piper Cub is one of my favorite planes :-)

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