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  1. Installing old Jane's combat sims (F/A-18 and USAF)

    Nevermind, I found the solution just by installing both folders inside c:\Program files. I hope this helps to anybody trying to do the same.
  2. Installing old Jane's combat sims (F/A-18 and USAF)

    Sorry to reopen this old post but thanks to Gkabs explanations I have Jane's USAF working nice in Windows 10. (I also managed Iaf to work too). The problem for me is when installing the Super Pro 9.4 mod. I followed the instructions and it seems that USAF recognize it because it shows Super Pro 9.4 written in the splash and menu screens. But when I click to fly any mission (or Fly now option) the game ask me for the CD (wich is already mounted because I installed the sim from there). So I can not fly anything because it keeps me asking for the CD. I am curious to see all those nextra flyable planes, if they have their own cockpits and try them. If anybody can help me please, I would apreciate it. Thanks and regards!
  3. These VSN mods are getting better and better. And the planes they make are awesome and very welcome in the DCS enviroment. I love those cold war era jets.
  4. This project looks very interesting! Is it going to be something similar to the Desert Storm 30th anniversary edition? I mean, that kind of super pack mod.
  5. Thank you! This is great! This plane brings me good memories. It would be nice to have its also fictional counterpart MiG-37 "Ferret". I think Italeri made model kits of these two planes.
  6. This scenario reminds me the old Microprose sims like F-19, F-117, F-15, etc... This was a common map in those sims. The Russian/Soviet backyard.
  7. I flew it today. A very nice to fly plane. I am enjoying it
  8. Today 2nd April, exactly 40 years after the conflict began, we receive this awesome mod. Great mod!
  9. Ghost of Kyiv

    This reminds me the case of Colonel Tomb and his MiG-17 in Vietnam.
  10. Hello! Anybody knows if the Campaign Customizer DLC is included in this package?
  11. Thanks for telling me about your Speech Enhancement mod, Menrva! I didn't see it before so I am going to give it a try.
  12. Over a year passed since this mod was released and I still enjoy it like the first day thanks to the wide variety of planes to fly there. Thanks to all involved in the project! The only thing I added to my install was French and Italian speech for those nations, just to have more immersion when flying for those countries. I took them from here in combatace:

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