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  1. Intruders.

    Great! Will it be a pack of skins or a new model?
  2. I like many planes, but specially swing wing planes like F-111, MiG-23, Tornado, and of course my favorite...F-14 Tomcat. I enjoy a lot using those AIM-54 Phoenix
  3. Louis Gossett Jr passes away at 87

    We will miss you, Chappy Sinclair.
  4. Same question here. Last year I saw an RF-5E, it had cameras in the nose but no screen in the cockpit, so I don't know how they could take the pictures.
  5. Thanks Menrva! Don't worry, things like this sometimes happen. The mod is awesome and I enjoy it.
  6. Thanks for this mod. I only want to show some issue I find with the EA-6B Prowler cockpit. It shows one of the crewman in front of the cockpit. I think it is something wrong with the seat position line. Anyway, just a small issue, I don't fly often this plane but I wanted to inform.
  7. Nice to have an update of this mod! Do I need a subscription to download it?
  8. Merry Christmas!!!

    Merry Christmas to you all!!
  9. I remember that time ago there was a thread about a Su-24 cockpit. Will it be included in this patch to make this plane flyable?
  10. This mod is GREAT! Thanks for all your work here. I enjoy a lot flying it and will be looking forward to this next update. Thank you and good work!
  11. Falcon 5.0 by Microprose announced

    I hope to be wrong but Microprose today is not the same as it was back then. Now they have many projects announced and all WIPs at the same time. Tiny Combat Arena has a great potential, but no significant update since its realease 3 years ago. There were some interesting B-17 (and B-24) sims announced in 2020, but here we are in mid 2023 and nothing. Task Force Admiral seems to be a nice strategy game, but still no realease date after more than 3 years. I want to be otimistic and think that one year we will see this games out but I see it very difficult that it happens. Maybe the case of Falcon is different.
  12. That means good news! We look forward to that new version you said. 😊 Thanks for all your work in this mod. It is awesome because the big content and for the presentation (that CD/DVD style box art). When flying a mission or even when using the menu screens one can imagine all the hours of work to create this. Maybe, with a bit of luck we will see a flyable Su-24 with cockpit in the next update 😉
  13. This is a great mod but I have just a question. How can I know the version of the mod I have installed?
  14. So I hope it will available for download one day

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