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  1. Great! This is like playing US Navy fighters again. We would like to see more menu pics (single mission screen, campaign, options, etc...) Good job!
  2. Some Folks Found An Aerial Target Drone on a Beach

    I would take it home, if I manage to haul it.
  3. Everyday I hope we can fly this sim in VR.
  4. For me the F-5. At first I was not interested in that plane until I seated in the cockpit of a real one in a museum. Then I started to fly it in DCS. And I started to enjoy learning how to use it. Then, back in SF2, sometimes I fly it in the Iran-Iraq mod, and sometimes the Skoshi Tiger version in the Vietnam expansion mod.
  5. Great! Now I understand why the next TOAS mod version is taking long. Another nice addition.
  6. Great mod! But one question...do I need a 1 month subscription or 6 months subscription plan to dowload it? I ask because in the main post says "1 month minimum required" but when trying to download says "6 months plan or greater required".
  7. MSFS 2020 now supports VR

    This is great! I flew the Cessna 150 around my town and it looks awesome. Now I am going to try another planes and sceneries.
  8. RIP Chuck Yeager

    A hero for me and many others. All my respect. RIP, General.
  9. Great model!! But unfortunately the cockpit is front view only, nothing is modelled on the sides and back so if you move your head around with the trackir you will see an incomplete cockpit. What a pity.
  10. Great news!! When I flew the original B-17 in the early 90s I wanted to have also the B-24 in the same sim. Now it seems we will have both bombers. Let's see when will it be realesed.
  11. I don't think so but it would be great if they do it.

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