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  1. I flew it today. A very nice to fly plane. I am enjoying it
  2. Today 2nd April, exactly 40 years after the conflict began, we receive this awesome mod. Great mod!
  3. Ghost of Kyiv

    This reminds me the case of Colonel Tomb and his MiG-17 in Vietnam.
  4. Hello! Anybody knows if the Campaign Customizer DLC is included in this package?
  5. Thanks for telling me about your Speech Enhancement mod, Menrva! I didn't see it before so I am going to give it a try.
  6. Over a year passed since this mod was released and I still enjoy it like the first day thanks to the wide variety of planes to fly there. Thanks to all involved in the project! The only thing I added to my install was French and Italian speech for those nations, just to have more immersion when flying for those countries. I took them from here in combatace:
  7. Is there a definitive list of every pc flight sim?

    My first flight sim was Flight Simulator 4.0 from 1989 (I got it in 1992 when it still was the last MS flight sim), so I went in to civilian simulators. The same year (1992) I got Chuck Yeager's Air Combat from 1991, I loved and enjoyed a lot that sim, so I went into military flight sims. After a lot of sims played in the years now I fly FS 2020 and DCS mostly Anyway, I keep in my PC SF2 and il-2 1946 installed because the great variety of eras and planes you can fly.
  8. It seems I was wrong. This means it will have its own cockpit
  9. Macelena, I hope so but I don't think so. Usually, VSN mods use stock FC3 cockpits. I hope this time I am wrong.

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