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Hi i have FE2 and have put several mods into my game..but the one thing i seem to have lost is flak bursts in the sky..they still seem to be firing but there is no visual sign...so i never really know where to head..except for the map. Which folder or ini file could i have corrupted please?..as a newbie i just dont know where to look...thankyou..

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It will be in the Effects folder, (I do not know which file since I am at work), but I suspect it will be the 37mmEffects.ini or EntanteAAEffects.ini file (depending on which side does not have flak bursts).


If you list or show what files you have in your effects folder, I might be able to tell.


The really fast test is to rename your effects mod folder so the game will use the default effects files and see if you are still missing the flak effects.




Edit: Make sure you have not added FE1 effects to FE2, they are incompatable. FE2 requires additional information that is not in the FE1 effects files.

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Thanks for the reply..i have found out the culprit is the Flight folder..now to find out the rogue files..!!


It was the FE effects pack mod but seemed to only effect the flight folder..anyway thanks!

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Panama's right, something might be out of kilter in your effects folder, so try taking that out of the loop. Or it could be something out of line in your guns folder.


Can you hear the Flak going off around you and just not see it? or neither? How much have you unpacked and played around with, and mods downloaded? Is it mod AAA or effects? or stock AAA and effects? Have you played around with any guns in the gundata.ini?


If you have done any playing around with guns, or in the data.ini file for the AAA, then just double check things line up.

If you can't hear the flak explosions as well as not see them, have a look in the data.ini for each of your flak ground objects. See what gun it uses, then look in the gundata.ini (in the objects folder) and see what bulletobject effect that gun is using (effectclassname=), then make sure this lines up with the data.ini file for that particular gun in your guns folder. As Panama said say for the 13pdr or the 75MM_MLE97 it would be EffectClassName=EntenteAAEffects. If this all lines up ok, but still no joy... try changing the effectclassname= to something different another gun uses that you know works, say like TankGunEffects. If this then works you know its something out in EntenteAAAEffects


If you have been playing around with or downloaded new effects:

Try looking in your bulletobject.ini file (in objects folder if you have extracted it, in Object001.cat if you haven't). Look up for example [EntenteAAEffects] and make sure there is a viable effect under AirBurstEffectName= and AirBurstSoundName= (if your sound is smallexplosion then you should at least be hearing the flak). It might be it's trying to use an effect that's not there.


Hope this helps, sorry if it's complicated, but let us know what level you have modded to and what things you have added and there might be a clue there somewhere.....


Good Luck!






Just posted this and then saw you had replied saying it's somehwere in the flight folder. ahaa! nice one... good luck finding the culprit..

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