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  1. Flying with the RedBaron.au

    hahah classic! :)
  2. Skins and campaign question

    i've got FE2, and in that If you don't have the skin, the plane will be pure black. So like Panama said, if you go into the data.ini file for each campaign there will be the different squadrons, what plane they use, and what skin they use.
  3. Yeah I agree it does eat into frame rate. I've also scattered balloons along my front at lower altitudes (800m) and given them a silent and inaccurate artillery gun that rains down on targets opposite, that works quite well, gets explosions going off further behind the lines, alhtough too far away or too high and the bullet seems to 'time out' and not go off. What effect do you have as your artillery gun's ground hit explosion? I've found TankGunEffects using GroundHitEffectName=TankGunObjectHitEffect in the BulletObject.ini makes quite a nice explosion as your normal artillery round going off. [TankGunEffects] TracerEmitterName= //GroundHitEffectName=TankGunGroundHitEffect GroundHitEffectName=TankGunObjectHitEffect GroundHitSoundName=Artillery.wav WaterHitEffectName=LargeRocketWaterHitEffect WaterHitSoundName= ObjectHitEffectName=TankGunObjectHitEffect ObjectHitSoundName=SmallExplosion.wav ArmorHitEffectName=TankGunObjectHitEffect ArmorHitSoundName= AirBurstEffectName=FlakEffect AirBurstSoundName=SmallExplosion I like your thinking though quack, the artillery explosions are the most obvious component of a lively looking front, if you could just easily get random explosions going off and sprinkle a bunch of AAA machine gunners along the front it would be a quick and easy way to liven up no-mans land.
  4. I don't know about emitters, but you could do it with guns I think, although long winded and not perfect..... If you gave your said small object several invisible guns; with muzzle postions placed far enough away around it at 'random' spots. Then assign a new gun that has no bullet to each of them, each with a different slow rate of fire, and make the GunFireEffect whatever explosion you normally use (like TankGunEffects). Then in your said small objects file, make a weaponsystems and either get the object to target another ground object, or make it AAA so that it only starts exploding when a plane (or you) flies overhead. So when your object 'opens fire' all the 'guns' (explosions) will go off at the same time, but if they all have different rates of fire then the explosions will quickly get out of sync, so just give the object a nice long burst amount.... Would that work? Haven't got loads of time to try it but might have to have a play... Something I have found helps my frame rates with frontline explosions is find the gun your artillery is using and cut back the MaxVisibleDist, I have mine set at 3000. Hope this helps! Either that or it's bonkers and I'm talking crazy.
  5. Seaplane Missions - In Progress

  6. First Eagles wish list #2

    The 1pdr Pom Pom / 37mm SockelFlak AAA is very scary! I have it defending most of my Balloons.
  7. Field Guns for First Eagles

    Great Stuff! they are choice.
  8. The future of First Eagles

    very cool :)
  9. Interesting thinking...Yeah I think my line of thinking was far too complicated, was just wondering about getting that mission feedback, I just found myself not even looking at what the target was I was supposed to be reconnoitring, just dodging flak madly and hitting the white triangle and getting out of there! But I have just starting having enough of a look at the target so my observer could get off a snapshot, then carry on dodging and jinking.
  10. Hey Panama, just updated my realistic sky mod of yours I had to the latest release, awesome work!
  11. I can imagine that would have been some very bad cases of back seat driving! Getting chaffeured around by your 'contraption wrangler' up the front.
  12. hahah, yeah I reckon I'm getting too complicated with this! I have this mental picture now ojcar of you doing a couple of nervous circles, shouting at your observer to hurry up! meanwhile flak going off and scouts scrambling, then a quick roll away and a tree top race to the lines!
  13. Yeah I agree Lazarus, I guess it's just as easy to replicate it by doing a screen shot or something, Jjust thought it would make the recon mission a bit more of a realistic challenge, and have the success of the mission reflect on that. At the moment I tend to barrell in jinking around, hit the white triangle and dive away swerving, or fly silly high. My thinking wasn't so much to merge RECON and STRIKE. But make rather make the RECON mission an almost exact copy of STRIKE, with the difference being outstanding success = damaged target, and maybe adding some frontline targets rather than just Airfields etc. So instead of RECON being like ESCORT, where you just have to get planes to the waypoints, you instead have a target you have to hit and 'damage' with your Camera. Like I said, might be a Pipe Dream, and in the end not make that much difference, or be too challenging and your chance of surviving it are too slim!
  14. Hi All, This might be a pipe dream, and might not be worth the trouble, but I was thinking about making the RECON mission a bit more realistic by having to actually 'photograph' the target . But I need some advice from the experts. My current plan is along these lines: I have a 'Camera' gun, invisble and effectless (apart from shutter sound) mounted underneath my 2 seater facing 90degress down. You have to re-load it between shots as you would plates in the old cameras. It is just a big enough caliber to damage a target on a STRIKE mission. So this is where I need the advice. I was thinking if you can change the parameters of RECON mission to be the same as STRIKE, but the conditions for success be damaged target rather than destroyed target; then as long as you hit the target with your camera and 'damage' (photograph!) it, then the mission was successful. Can this be done or are the Mission Parameters locked? I was also wondering if you can add ground targets to STRIKE ( or to the new adjusted RECON) missions, so you could have to photograph a Bunker2 or a watertowerDestroyed; i.e. Enemy positions along the front line. There are obvious flaws, like it will still say in the debrief that the target was damaged (rather than photographed, unless that can be changed too?), if the Top Brass wanted detailed photos of Bridges or Bunkers, they are quite tricky to 'hit' and take several passes! Also if you loaded up with le prieur or bombs you could quite convincingly 'photograph' with those! But just a tinkering thought..... Thanks guys, sorry about the number of posts I'm throwing up at the moment. SpinyNorman.
  15. Ambient sound videos

    cool, cheers for that.

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