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SF2 C-119 Flying Boxcar, Korean War Era and Later (by MontyCZ)

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SF2 C-119 Flying Boxcar, Korean War Era and Later (by MontyCZ)

SF2 C-119 Flying Boxcar, Korean War Era and Later


= For SF2, (Any/All) =


Some small modification/reskins/redecalling for MontyCZ's (not-so) little C-119 Flying

Boxcar transport aircraft. I found it easier to upload this as a complete aircraft; this

way, End Users ™ can locate, download and install any other skins that are available for

the aircraft easier.


This pak includes 5 skins;


50th Troop Carrier Squadron, Korean Era

63rd TCS

64th TCS, Korea Era

97th TCS, circa 1961 ( "USAF" grey/white anti-heat)

USMC, NAS Seattle (no unit)


The 3 KAW era squadrons use a 'pool' of 25 generic serial/Buzz Number decals shared amongst

them. I say generic, as they represent C-119B/C models from the 1948-55 FY time frame, but

with so little data available, it's almost impossible to run down "what went with whom".

The 97th skin, while representing the C-119G model (slight physical differences), are G

model serials; again considered 'generic' in nature.

Almost all markings are decals (excepting the "United States Air Force" and "Troop Carrier"

on the fuselages of the 63/64 skins. Decal Randomization is set to TRUE. All skins are in

bmp format, making them usable in all versions, including 1stGen SF/Wo*.

A new "UserList.ini" was created, and included for SF2 usage.


As always, fairly easy to follow install instructions are included. So, please read them.

Also, give the "Notes" section a read too; it contains the 'ChangeLog', and credits as to

'who did what to whom' kinda thing! Monty's original Readme is also enclosed.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


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