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32 Chinese stowaways found in container in Los Angeles


Thirty-two Chinese stowaways were found in two cargo containers in Los Angeles after surviving a nearly two-week ocean journey from Hong Kong, officials said.


The 32 would-be illegal immigrants


They were on the first class route..as opposed to 142 packed into a 18 wheeler....


were taken into custody on Saturday after a crane operator in Los Angeles port spotted three men climbing out of a hole cut in the side of a container, police said.


makes me feel good that the crane operators are on the job,yep yep..now we get the security guards and cops do it we will be fine...


The containers with the men inside were loaded onto the ship two weeks ago in Shekou, China, police said. The men were in good health, officials said.

The stowaways, all men, had equipped the containers with supplies and ventilation to allow them to survive the perilous journey across the Pacific Ocean, said Los Angeles Port Police Lieutenant Titus Smith said.


"They had ventilation holes cut into the bottom of the container. They had a fan system set up that ran on batteries, they had ample food and water, juices, sleeping bags," he said.


yeah,and a baseball sized piece of nuke material........a few detonators,a dozen ak's.,..their last rite robes..the tickets to the virgins...but really guys,this IS scary stuff...


US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials are investigating the stowaways pending a decision on their fate and will work with Chinese authorities to repatriate them.


yep,then they get backin, on the southern route...


One of the stowaways claimed to have paid 3,000 dollars for his passage to the United States, but investigators say smuggling fees for migrants from China typically range from 30,000 to 60,000 dollars, according to immigration agents.


wonder what the rate for a few terrorists is........


Chinese immigrants have long risked their lives by stowing away illegally on ships in a bid to enter the United States.


The incident came almost a year after 19 smuggled Chinese migrants were found inside a container aboard a Cypriot-flagged vessel, the Ningbo, in February last year, the US Department of Homeld

ecurity said


gee,that was not long enough for a proper investigation huh...

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