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Question about editting air activities in terrain

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Hello everyone,


I am learning how to mod specific things in terrain, adjusting the numbers/size of aircraft force when doing air patrol or fighter sweeping based on 'light, normal, and heavy' air activities. I am not able to find information in knowledge database and I am looking through many files (.ini's) in Korea V3 Map. The reason of this is because when I was flying 'light' air activities, there is none MiGs in air after I was doing either CAP or fighter sweeping. if I turn it on 'normal' air activities, I kept getting far outnumbered by MiGs. So that is why I am learning how to edit terrain's air activities so I can adjust the number of aircraft spawning for light, normal, and heavy air activities.


And by the way, Korea V3 is truly great map, I enjoy flying this terrain very much. I like how it all is set and it is very fun learning how to mod SF2 itself through .ini dancing. I also am doing it for my bro FalconC45 so he can fly his KAW mission with his own editted size of enemy aircraft so he can enjoy his simming time (http://combatace.com/topic/75569-kaw-problem-found/), not just for my own 'modding' experiments with SF2. Thank you very much.

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