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  1. Found some more information about AIM-7E-2 and AIM-7Fs for IAF / IDF F-4E Kurnass! https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2015/08/28/f-4e-kurnass-sledgehammer-ii/
  2. Even though my SF2 projects are halted for now, I still support the fellower modders when I can. For my limited free time, here is what I have found so far. I want to share some information I found about IAF / IDF Phantoms: It turns out that the earliest AAM they received are AIM-9D and AIM-7C and here is the source: USA - ISRAEL -Trade-Register-1950-2021.rtf
  3. Hello everyone, I have to put the project on halt for now. The life situation suddenly changed. My wife is in hospital and I am doing everything to take care of the situation. It is the hardest time in my life. I need to step away from CombatAce for time being until the situation improves. I will be back someday. Eagle114th
  4. I am happy to see more feedback! By the way, that is understandable. You have the reasons to state this. I am going to restore the limits of using sidewinder so you can’t load then if using bombs or rocket pods. As I state before, I learn new things everyday. And I appreciate your advice. Cheers!
  5. Hello everyone! Report for today: I am still working on F-4s overhaul. it surprised me that each time I reearch on various F-4s, they come out with information that surprised me. For example, UK phantoms have the ability to use Sidewinders while loading twin rocket pods at the same time. TW UK F-4s did not allow that. Now that is fixed. Here is a picture of actual UK F-4K: F-4K Phantom FGR.1 in SFCE: Eagle114th
  6. You may have installed in the wrong orders or missed the specific patches. I can understand that not having SF2 complete edition, there are too many steps installing SF2 + expansion pack + DLCs + patches. Therefore, it is easy to get lost in it. I have been testing my mods, it did not cause any problems. As stated, this mod is based on SF2 Complete Edition. Eagle114th
  7. Ah I see, that may be a problem. You only have some DLCs. I recommend you to move only what you have in the Aircraft folder folder, instead of just moving all folders into SF2. As I have stated, I am building the mods with SF2 completed edition, which means SF2 + all expansion + all DLCs. Eagle114th
  8. I don't mean SFCE; What I am meant to ask is if you have SF2 + All expansion + DLC or SF2 complete edition?
  9. YOU ARE MY HERO! I just realized why it didn't work with F-4K and F-4K_75 while works with F-4K_80. F-4K and F-4K_75 is Royal Navy while F-4K_80 is Royal Air Force. And by seting Exported to True, now it works with ALL F-4K (both RN and RAF)! I see now, UK is an unique code designed to have weapons working with both RN and RAF at the same time. I am joyed now! Thank you very much for the help. I learned an important lesson today. Cheers!
  10. That is noted and thank you for correcting me. As always, I learn new things everyday. Cheers!
  11. AH! I SEE NOW! This may have solved the problems I was having. I will test it. (Fingers crossed) Eagle114th
  12. Ah I see. Since you don't have F-4K and F-4M DLC, you can't help me in this situation. I need someone who has F-4K and F-4M DLC to see if their F_4K and F-4K_75 are bugged too. I still appreciate your help. Cheers!
  13. May I ask, do you have SF2 + ALL expansion pack + ALL DLCs? I just realized I forgot to add to the readme stating that this mod is bieng built with SF2 Complete Edition. Eagle114th
  14. I appreciate your help. May I ask if you can experiment it on F-4K, F-4K_75, and F-4K_80? I have done the same with all of them. Only F-4K_80 works. I will re-test with all three planes. Eagle114th
  15. I think you installed the mods in the wrong way. I recommend you to clean theSF2 mod folder and start over. Make sure you read the README carefully. Eagle114th

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