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Requesting of some files in emergency

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Hello my friends

And a special thanks to Wrench that he make me down all times(just for fun I like his opinions)

What do you think about building some new fighters that had never built for SF series

Like Mirage F-1BQ - F-5E Saeqeh(2 rudders) - RF-5A

And some new weapons like

C-802(noor) - AIM-54D(Iranian Phoenix) - new AIM-9J/P models and LAU-3

I think this weapons in weapon packs are really litterd except AIM-54D that if you want we are going to build it

Maybe you say why you don't do the things you like by yourself?The answer is so simple.I can't work with 3D max.

But I can help you in building .ini files

If anybody wants to build one of them call me to send him pictures and information

And If you don't like my suggestions that's OK for me

Thank you very much



آمریکا هیچ غلطی نمی تواند بکند (امام خمینی)ره

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I'm assuming the translation filter is having issues and that you wanting aircraft for a flight sim is not an actual emergency.


Creating content, especially 3d objects, takes time, energy and money for the software licence. It is okay to ask for something once or twice....but any more than that starts becoming irritating.


If someone wants to create the content, they will. But no amount of continued cajoling will make it happen any faster, and can in fact have the opposite effect.


My suggestion is to wait and be patient...or, learn the skills yourself to contribute to the community.








ﻣ filter'm ﻪﻣادا ﺪﻫاﻮﺧ ﻪﺑ ار نآ ﺪﺘﻓا ﯽﻣ قﺎﻔﺗا ﺮﺘﻌﯾﺮﺳ و ، ﯽﻣ ﺪﻧاﻮﺗ ﻊﻗاو رد ﯽﺴﮐ ﺮﮔا






ﻢﺳﺮﭙﺑ .... ﺎﻣا


یاﺮﺑ زﻮﺠﻣ راﺰﻓا مﺮﻧ . ﻦﯾا ﺖﺳا بﻮﺧ یاﺮﺑ ﻪﮐ ﺖﺳا یﺰﯿﭼ رﺎﺑ ود ﺎﯾ ﮏﯾ دﺎﺠﯾا ،اﻮﺘﺤﻣ


ترﺎﮐ ﻢﯿﺳ


ضﺮﻓ cajoling


ار دﻮﺧ ﻪﺑ ﻪﻌﻣﺎﺟ


ﺖﺳا ﻦﯾا ﻦﻣ دﺎﻬﻨﺸﯿﭘ


ﺮﺛا یاراد





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No my friend

We don't have any 2 seater saeqeh

My friend learn me how to create files

I'm going to be much happy if you do that

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