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  1. As always great my friend ravenclaw If you need information,pics or any other thing about any of the Iranian fighters I'm glad to help
  2. Brilliant as always my friend ravenclaw
  3. About G pressure one od the Iranian pilots put 11G on tomcat while a dogfight It made the rudders and wings some cracks and it took two year to rebuild it but the pilot and the copilot got body problems because of that
  4. Yeah.One or two escadrons of the Iraqi MiG-21's were updated by France technicians to carry magic I and the F-7's carry the both PL-7 and Magic I But as I know they didn't use F-7 so much because IrAF had got a lot of MiG-21 from USSR The MiG-21MF and MiG-21bis were basically able to carry R-60MK missiles
  5. The Super Etendard killer loadout Captain Mazandarani had Shot down an Iraqi super etendard with AIM-23C Sejil in Persian Gulf
  6. Still powerful and wild If anyone has doubt lets try
  7. I haven't heard the last paragraph That was out standing Thank you
  8. We always bought the best in the world like F-4,F-14,AH-1J,Tow,P-3F,AIM-54,RF-4 and so on F-16 or F-18L(cancelled because of the revolution)
  9. How many AIM-54A/C Fired from navy F-14's? None of them shoot their targets down and it has a reason You know what's the reason According to Tom Couper's opinion the US Navy can't installed the AIM-54's correctly But the reverse of it is really attractive During Iran-Iraq war we had fired many AIM-54 from 80 till 10 mile distance in front of many kind of fighters No matter Soviet or France fighters they are Or no matter they are Su-22MK-4's,MiG-25's,Tu-22's,Mirage F-1's,Super etandard's,or Mirage III's(Egypt gave IrAF 3 Mirage III with US made ECM Pods) And these fighters used the last version of ECM available at that time For example Soviet made the war a real lab for test his weopons and systems If Iranian AIM-54's downgraded so they can't reach their targets In a time IRIAF F-14 fired 3 AIM-54 to first to two C-602 fired from Tu-16(K-6D) second Tu-16 and the result is clear the Tu-16 and of of the C-602's shot down but the other C-602 explodes in the air before the Phoenix reach it In the battle with F-1's they use heavy ECM but inspite of that Tomcat and phoenix don't have any problem with them So never tell it again I wonder you know why IRIAF F-14's don't have the IR seeker or explain it?
  10. That is just a rumor to make the penthagons mind get out and let Grumman and Hughes to sell the F-14 and AIM-54 to Iran I have a friend that works in Air Force and he said that that's just a rumor They are equally the same
  11. Tarty mountains etc

    What a beauty Looks like Eden
  12. The Iranian F-5E in action The Iraqi oil tanks and petrochemical enemy that makes them useless And as affective in the air by shooting down the Tu-16,MiG-25RB,MiG-23,MiG-21
  13. the Iranian threat...........

    Just for fun
  14. Yes The Iranian F-4E's all equipped with the Aero-3B launchers that can carry 2 sidewinder on each

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