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Hello, I was wondering anyone does have some IDF skins? I was checking on the web on some sites to search these skins but most links are missing.

I'd like to get these skins for the 1948 Israel Independence Wars:


Israeli Beaufighter TF.X.

Israeli Spitfire Mk.IX

Egyptian Spitfire Vb Trop

Egyptian Spitfire F Mk.22


So if you have these skins, PLEASE, PLEASE send me to my email.


I'll be VERY thankful!!! :happy:

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Wrench did these skins for DAT aircraft models. In fact he created full aircraft, but now the DAT will no longer allow models to be uploaded outside their website.


I know they were on his website http://wrench1smog.c...nch19.html but I think he has closed the site.


Maybe you could ask Wrench to upload just the skins here or see if he could ask Capun to upload the whole aircraft at the DAT site?

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It depends which Spifire you use. If you use the Spit from TK's WOI Operation Kadesh, then you can use skins for SF2Israel in the download section. The grey israeli Spitfire you can find there.

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