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KAW carriers . . . again

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Hello all,


Just wondering if anyone gets old WW2 carriers showing up in game, I have the ones from the KAW misc items pack but never see them. I know about the date parameters in the options.ini and korea3 config, anything I'm missing?

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could you be a bit less vauge?? WHICH ww2 carriers??? VICTORIOUS? SYDNEY?????, SCB-125s, CVL, or CVE???


they all work


are you flying for the correct service? correct dates (meaning, anytime after 1945)? did you build you mods folder from the SF2NA exe???


not a lot to go on here...

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Didn't mean to be vague, just looking for other entries that might influence the appearance of the carriers in KAW. For a more specific example, all I see for the F9F-2 is the SCB-125s, even when I change the aircraft usage dates to the 1940s. I see people like crazyhorse posting shots of flattops covered with panthers and I'm getting angled decks(of course he could of went out of his way to get that shot). I have a royalnavy seafury and I'm pretty sure there's a RN carrier in the KAW misc items pack and my SeaFurys start from land. I put allowed dates in one of the terrain config files and think maybe that porked my KAW install.

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more than likely. Return it to it's original state.

the terrain was set up perfectly --exactly the way it should be.


have you d/led the KAW GroundObjects pak? it contains


HMAS Sidney

HMS Formidible

HMS Victorious

RN & RAN DDs and CAs


US CVL and CVEs (along with varous and sundry CA, CL, and DDs)


does your Sea Furry have the proper SF2NA carrier basing statements? ie:






and more importantly..


Did you build your KAW mods folder from the SF2:NA exe???


without SF2NA, the carrier-basing coding is nonexistant in any other of the game, merged or not.


without NA, you ain't gonna have proper carriers statements built into the game coding.

As stated somewheres, in some readme, we're using the 125s as we ain't got no pre-update straight-decked, essentially WW2 Essex boats. They're being built, but it takes time.

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I have the ground objects folder from the misc items pack, if there is something else I have not seen it. I do have the carrier basing statements now, no luck. And I am using the SF2NA.exe. Just curious, what dates are you running in your options.ini?

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