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F-2H2,3,4,No cockpit and markings in KAW

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Hi,First time trying these files,Plane shows up and fly's and have loading screens,But only a gunsight and no cockpit.I think the cockpit.ini is looking for SF1 A-4E cockpit can I pull that out with the Cat extractor and add it to the cockpit file?Or can I use a different cockpit?How do I fix this? And the markings does the entire USMCBLUE go in the F-2H2,3,4, folder I created in decals or just the "D" file? Someone Please point me in the right direction I looked at KB adding older planes to SF2 it did'nt cover these two questions to my satisfaction.Thanks for any constructive help you can offer. :blink:

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1. A-4 cockpit in SF-2 became siply pit change it in cockpit.inis and should work fine


2. About old decals there are two main issues:


A) check the decal location: sometimes plane folder is missing (Buccaneer-Mk50/SAAF/SAAFBuc_) simply add plane folder and it works


B) sometimes this is omitted













Now this entry is mandatory, so add this and the hidden decal will show.



I hope this will help You.



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right on the first page...(for decals at least)




as to the pit, it's a simple text edit of the main ini; the A-4E is STOCK in all versions of SF2




however, your pilot position WILL be way off. So, you'll need to EXTRACT the A4E's cockpit ini, drop it into (whichever) Banshee's folder, and make the adjustments fore/aft/up/down to match the pilot position in the data ini.


Which Banshee? Razbams or DAT??? Both have several issues in SF2

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The A-team ones.Thanks Guys for your help.I bought the Raazzbam ones also they were only $5.00 and they work so far.Early model Skyraiders too $5.00!

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