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I'm working on a campaign for SF2, set in 1959, including a naval campaign. I have two aircraft carriers (constellation and ark royal), but i don't want them to be attacked since their air defenses aren't were really up for it and the interceptors are not a match for the multitude of bombers and escorts.


Out of curiosity I entered SurpriseAttack=TRUE in the data.ini file, but it was a disaster. Played out several times, but both carriers get sunk.

So I went back to SurpriseAttack=FALSE and still the Parani forces attack the ships. I even put a "0" next to MissionChance[ANTI_SHIP] for each enemy aircraft. Needless to say, same result...


I don't get it... Or is the ForceWithInitiative entry important here? It's set to '0'.


Any idea?

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To attack the naval force, the opposing sides - in this case the Empire of Paran - needs to be aware of its existance. Naval Strike & Anti_Ship 0 is ineffective, as regular strike missions can also be done against a naval force. If you do not wish it to be attacked, set the naval task force intelligence to 0 and make sure the Empire of Paran does not have any aircraft preforming Naval Search role.


The Suprise Attack is usually only to set the first mission to be a scramble mission and will reduce allied air activity for the first day or so of the Campaign.

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