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F-86E Sabre, 54th FIS "The Hunters" ver.2.0

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F-86E Sabre, 54th FIS "The Hunters" ver.2.0

F-86E Sabre, 54th FIS "The Hunters" ver.2.0


- Version 2 for SF2 -


Based on the movie "The Hunters" (as if you didn't know!!!)


A revamp and cleanup of my original "The Hunters" F-86 Sabre skin. This pack WILL replace any eariler version you may have.


While designed for the F-86E, it can be used on any late version (E or F). However, the movie clearly shows the aircraft to be E models (as evidenced by the opening montage, and the all-flying tail, and wing slats). If used on other variants, editing of the decals.ini will be required.


Not much really changed; skins are now jpg format (rebuilt from ravenclaw's SUPERB template), decal randomization is TRUE. The 51st FIW checks are now painted on, and the 'squadron color' zap is a ficitonal white stripe above the checkerboard. Pilot names decals have been moved slightly forward. Also, the 54th is now a Fighter Interceptor Squadron, not a Fighter Interceptor Wing (even though the sign in the movie shows it as a Wing).




kevin stein

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