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Hello friends


anyone knows where to take the landing / taxi ligth in:

MIG-17, MIG-15, Super Mystere B2 and the Hawker Hunter



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On the MiG-15 see the linked picture, it is item 132 -a foldable light (pic is 7MB if downloaded). Also on the 2nd link there is a photo of the MiG15UTI which shows clearly the lamp. Based on that 2 you can set your parameters.

As "SystemName[005]=Right/LeftLandingLight" should be added to the entries of "LeftWing" and "RightWing" - according to each. Then with Trial and error you can home in on the exact location and make the entries after the pisition lights at the end of the _data.inis.

But to be honest I think not all the MiG15 variants had landing lights.





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thanks Logan4


I´m placing lights, pilots, skin tec in the aircraft of War of The Six Days and the biggest problem i have the landing lights an taxi.



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