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slick cowboy

the Kiev hanging it out in Germany

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lacking water bmp with correctly painted "CVZones" would be my first guess..


second guess..lacking of proper NA coding - i've noticed that "a majority" of the installs (mods folders)- even with full-5 merged installs, AND proper water bmps w/CVzone will generated battle groups any where it wants to, regardless of where you place them, when running SF2/2E/2I/2V


OTH, if proper waterbmps, ships, etc are placed in the SF2NA mods folder, and RUN from the SF2NA.exe, things tend to work as advertised. Which led me to believe there ARE things lacking in the other exes, even with full-5; and that NA is the "correct" one to use for all with ships

my opinion, of course

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I noticed that the Germany map was set to NavalMap=TRUE. It's the one with the modded tiles. Or maybe I put it to true out of curiosity and forgot about it.

I'll put it back false... let's see if if any ships show up on land in the future


but the transferring the mod folder to NA and play the game from there might be an option too

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