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New Game - Legendary Fighters -

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Anyone who downloads this, please report back here and let us know how it is...see if it's worth a review or not.



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Allow me explain a bit more about it.

Having played half of my life, games like Strike Fighters, Il-2, LockOn... I would like so much to see some game that brings the sensation of cockpit view in mobile devices, so... we decided to make one.


The game is not hyper realistic... but i think we achived reproduce a great experience....


We hope add many features like multiplayer, another scenes, Carrier operations, etc... if we get some money, enough to keep development... of course.

Anyway, the game is for free... so i invite all of you to know it. Your sugestions and critics, are always welcome.


thanks again


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I've downloaded the game in Play Store.


It works very well, providing a good sensation of flight simulation.

I'm anxious for new planes and future improvements ,

I hope the developers keep this right way.



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Some initial impressions (note, this is not a review).


Models are a bit on the low poly side.


Variety of missions (air to air-intercept, CAP, non controllable wingman / air to ground-CAS and strike). Multiple weapons including cannon, A2A missiles, free fall bombs, FFARs.


Can takeoff and land (though a lot of missions start with you in the air), looks like you may have carrier ops.


Cockpit views (non working instruments...basically looks like camera is placed in the external model). But maneuvering causes cockpit view to shift as if you were sliding in the seat a bit...nice touch.


Other views limited to outside with only horizontal panning, and a 'flyby view'.


FM seems a bit simple, even for a mobile game...tends to be way too responsive to throttle changes. Roll rates are nice.


Horizon is glitchy...lots of flashing polygons.


XP mechanic is interesting...build up XP to release additional mission types (initially only cleared for some A2A and CAS...no strike missions available). Additionally, initially only F-100 is available. Not sure if any other aircraft can be earned through XP or not.


My overall impression so far is 'overly ambitious'. Trying to do everything, but the execution needs some polish.


This is early in gameplay, and so it'll be a while before I earn enough XP to see if I can unlock some other stuff.



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