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after all these years....

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I'm such a tool.....this game keeps presenting the most amazing delightful surprises,,,,,,,to me at least,,,,,so, to those of you if any, who like me, may have ignored the choices plain as your hand in front of your face....may have overlooked the following......"fly last mission"....I've never taken advantage of that choice and always thought that was a graceful way to end a career.....I'm gonna fly my last mission and then go away. How many times in life have we wished we could do it again, and learn from our mistakes? True in marriage as well as mortal stakes in OFF...but if you want to go back and try it again....this is the best thing till WOFF. No doubt all of you know this already but if this thread sheds a light into one dark corner, like mine....so much the better. Furthermore....how many of you have gone to the breifing room/or to the feild.......... and left the jasta ticking over while you went to check the kettle/toaster/school bus? Note the clock! It ticks on whether you're paying attention or not, whether you're choosing alternate missions or just answering e-mails..................I'd like to think there were consequences down the line but having had my hands full trying to own the consistently reappearing DR1 flight with my diminished Camel squadron (fly last mission)......I've no idea. Played smarter the last 2 reruns but concluded I'd best cut down on the rum before re-engaging again....such fun! Cheers

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Gaw, I guess that there might be some gems still hidden for some of us.

There are so many settings in "Workshops" that allow us to adjust OFF as we like it best.

There is a second "QuickCombat" in "Workshops", which allows you to select the place, the pilot qualities and even a very special weather (from two dozens or more!).

There is the "Replay" button, that allows you to check, whatelse did happen during your sortie.

And, and, and...

There are even two or three Belgian skins with Belgian emblems.


I know how you feel - this particular "Fly last mission" alone is worth the money. Enjoy it!

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