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WWI Camera found...

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I like how the headline had to tell us the camera was an antique. :rolleyes:


From a photography standpoint I appreciate the novelty of finding decades-old pictures in a camera, but regarding WW1, the two they showed are nondescript.

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Perhaps the most poigniant thing isn't the photographs, but why they were left in the camera. I don't imaging stereoscopic cameras were either cheap or commonplace during WW1, and you'd think it might be strange to be left sat on a shelf for the best part of 100 years. There's at least one explanation I can think of...


Be aware also, these pictures will mean different things to different people. My father died in 1977 and left a box of similar 'non descript' pictures of his travels during WW2. It sounds a bit dull, but the detective work it takes to find out the locations and circumstances behind the pictures often more rewarding than the picture itself. It'll be quite a challenge for such old pictures, but somebody might take it to extremes and learn a lot more than you'd think possible.

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