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V 1.0

Fi 156 F Storch SF1/WOV/WOE 06 Patch level installs.


To install: UnZip and drop the Fi156_F folder into the Aircraft folder,StorchTank folder in the weapons folder.

Adding Weapons: You need to use the SF1 06 patch level weapons editor to add weapons.

Watch it Fly


Mod Info:

This mod is intended for WWII install’s as a FAC AI aircraft, there is a very basic (nonworking) Cockpit included for testing only.

External fuel tank and Bomb Pylons added.

The Door and window do not open.

Tailgunner is not included.

Decals: Nation Only

The NationName “Axis Germany “and the “absence” of the traditional tail emblem with the model is intentional. End users can change these two items to suit there Install.

For the Landinglight to function the Tailgear is set to "Retractable=TRUE" with no movement.


Corrected: Fuel capacity’s

Corrected Statment: SystemName[003]=RightSlat

Corrected Fuel consumption: BSFC=0.00280


Tested with WOE 06 patch only.



TW: FM (modded by me).

AC 3D Model, Cockpit and Textures: Myself

Landing Light Info: Wrench

This Mod is Freeware and not to be sold!

Note: Anyone who wishes to update the FM or convert this mod for SF2 and re-upload it may do so.





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