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During Korea War the soviet air crews sometimes used a formation what was called "fluid six". It was an improvement of the well known "four finger formation" which was also called "fluid four", but not with 2 pairs, but with 3 pairs of fighters.

I have tried to make such a formation and the formation itself works very well.

But i face a problem, that in single mission screen the game engine sometimes selects 18 planes instead 12. and then the game get CTD.

I dont understand why i get sometimes 18. If i have understood the syntax of the formation.ini correctly then i should only get 12 planes as maximum of a formation. (2 squadrons x 3 Flights x 2 elements = 2 x 3 x 2 = 12)

Does someone has an idea what my mistake is?


Here are the lines


//------- 64.IAK in Korea

















Position[01].Offset= 0, 0, 0

Position[02].Offset= -50, -15, 5

Position[03].Offset= 200, -50, 50

Position[04].Offset= 250, -65, 45

Position[05].Offset= -200, -50, -50

Position[06].Offset= -250, -65, -45



Position[01].Offset= 0, 0, 0

Position[02].Offset= -15, 15, 0

Position[03].Offset= -165, 165, 500

Position[04].Offset= -180, 180, 500

Position[05].Offset= 165, 165, -500

Position[06].Offset= 180, 180, -500

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