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Version 1.029b – hotfixes - News Blog.

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Version 1.029b – hotfixes - News Blog.


Dear Pilots,


We are pleased to introduce version 1.029b - a set of fixes to previous versions. We have tried very hard to make it available to you as soon as possible which would fix those issues that prevents you from enjoying ROF to the fullest. Of course we are talking about the issue with the sound.


This was a difficult issue to fix, the symptoms of which appeared earlier this year and with the release of a major new update those symptoms became literally disastrous. The problem was that this error comes to us from another program called Fmod. This is a complex bit of middleware, which is the basis of the whole sound scheme in our project and was not created by us. As you can imagine, it is difficult to correct the problem because the cause of which is hidden in other intellectual property. But we think that we have solved the issue.


Flight simulators are very complex products. To make the sound of each aircraft engine informative and unique, we use thousands of samples of small audio files, which is switched on and off at high speed and frequency. Imagine how complicated this gets when dogfighting on a network and around you there are dozens of other aircraft and packets coming across through the whole world to your little PC that contain sounds. This is a very high bar for us to make work correctly every time and is not easy to reach and stay on this level of sophistication without occasional difficulty. Now we hope that the problem will disappear and you can stop thinking about the thousands of operations per second that are taking place on your PC and just focus on the mission and marksmanship.


In this version, we correct and clarify certain aspects of the gameplay associated with the new Channel Map. A full list of changes can be found on our forum as always.


The holidays are past us now and this new version 1.029b is a signal that we are back to normal operations. This spring will mark four years since the initial release of the Rise of Flight. We are pleased that the product has lasted so long on the market. We are sure that we will continue to find and show you a lot of interesting discoveries in the next year. As you know, our team has been given the honor to start work on a new project for the famous WWII centered IL-2 Sturmovik series - Battle of Stalingrad. We have read many reports of players with concerns that this new big task will not allow us to be engaged in the development of the Rise of Flight project. It is not true. For this we also have plans for ROF and they will come to life.


During this year, we will give you a few more aircraft of that beautiful period. We chose those planes that you have asked us for on the forums and hope that you will be satisfied with this choice. At a minimum in 2013, you will see the Roland C.IIa, Halberstadt D.II, F.E.2b and Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter.


Roland C.IIa, Halberstadt D.II, Fe2b и Sopwith 1½ Strutter как минимум.


a.jpg b.jpg


Very soon you will be able to download and use the career mode for the Channel Map. We are continuing to work on a brand new statistics for online play and even planning to change some of the rules to make the competition among the players more interesting. Also, we want to mention that the work on the project for the Second World War will also impact Rise of Flight in a positive way. We hope to adapt some of the technology for ROF, which will allow us to simulate such things as parachutes or mirrors.


The 4th year of Rise of Flight life will surely be as interesting as previous years. Thank you very much for your continued support! All of this would not have happened without your attention and encouragement. We are proud that you have given us the opportunity to do business in this forgotten genre, which we love and we are very pleased that our results make you happy. It is very simple, satisfied user = happy developer.


And of course in 2013 we will continue to work with and attract talented community members to work with us in special ways to improve ROF. We have already had some positive experiences with talented community members and would like to further develop this in many ways and directions. We hope to see some new content made by you or with your help this year. Happy new game year to everybody! Further details will be posted, as in the previous years, in our blog and forum. Stay tuned and good luck in your air battles!


1.jpg 2.jpg

3.jpg 4.jpg

5.jpg 6.jpg

7.jpg 8.jpg

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I still have to test it out and see how that sound fix worked.

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