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| Mikoyan-Gourevitch MiG-29 "Fulcrum" |

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Update and slight rework of the MF Mig29C

Representing Ukranian Air Force Mig29C Of 9th IAB circa 2006.


....Pack contains....


Remodeled mig29C LOD

A\b Effects


Animated Fans



New Hangar,loading screens.







In Pilotdata folder is an entry for this a\c sqd,you need to open original,copy n paste this entry,alter number to suit and save your Squadrons.lst.





Same goes for the Nations,(unless you have the Ukrain already)..open Flight folder,then copy n paste the entry supplied,to your nations.ini,alter again numbers to suit,then save,and close.




Certain skin\3dmodel tweeks.

(This LOD may show some odd anomalies if used on other mig29C`s,NOT modded by me,as some bits of the mapping were in odd places,so I had to move some bits,to paint them properly.)

I have a few other skins planned that this LOD will use,so keep eye on Combatace for updates.




Credits to MF factory etc...as seen below,in original Readme.

Hope you enjoy this a\c as much as I do.

Any problems,report to CA as I regularly look in.




Russoworx 2013 + (The Mirage Factory and Olivier ANGUILLE (BPAo) )



The Mirage Factory and Olivier ANGUILLE (BPAo) are proud to offer you :



The Mikoyan-Gourevitch MiG-29 "Fulcrum"






SFP1 model


Took part in this project :



3D : Flying Toaster mapping : BPAo

Skins : Sundowner

FM : Kreelin


Cockpit : Mago


Pilot : The Trooper


Effets : BPAo


Test team


Manetsim, Gaston, Sony Tuckson, Actarus, Column5, DamWaar, _Thomas_, Camouflage, USAFMTL, Moonjumper, UF Josse, Typhoid, Jimbib, Crab_02




Special thanks to TOPOLO for his Mig-29 Falcon's Datas.




Should I have forgotten you.. get in touch with me quick .. this will be corrected soon






The content of this file may not be used in a commercial product or any other.

Any use requires my authorization


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Hey Russo! I just installed both your MiG-29C-Czech and the MiG-29C-Ukraine.

They're gorgeous! However, the MiG-29C-Ukraine has missing nozzle animations! They stay wide open regardless of throttle inputs!

And the MiG-29C-Czech has a non-functional GM display. It shows up on the upper right corner, but on the radar display nothing shows up. All other radar settings work fine!

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in data.ini,check engines for this line...should be same.


as to GM display  pg up ?  keys  cant remember now..

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Hmmm dunno what went wrong..

posted cockpit 7z files on the aircraft link at top

.extract these files

Cockpit folder

and cockpit and avionics inis into the Mig29c folder and overwrite.

Edited by russouk2004

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Please excuse me for "butting in," since this discussion is really none of my business.
However, I would like to help GodsLt (and anybody else who may be following this thread).
He mentioned two specific issues:


(1) Mig-29C_Ukraine lacks exhaust nozzle animation.
The Ukraine Mig-29C_Data,ini and the Czech Mig-29C_Data.ini both have "NozzleAnimationID=9" entries for both engines. In fact, the engine-related entries are exactly the same for both. Yet, the "Czech" HAS nozzle animation, but the "Ukraine" version does not.  They do, however, have different .lod files:
Ukraine - Mig-29C.lod - 1/30/2013 - 2,300 kb
Czech -- Mig-29C.lod - 8/12/2013 - 2,940 kb
Examining the included "Out" files for both reveals:
[MiG-29C_Ukraine] -
Num Nodes: 240
Total:    (21472 polys, 64416 verts)
Mesh Max: (1466 polys, 4398 verts)
[MiG-29C_Czech] -
 LeftNozzle [526 polys, 1578 verts (animated)] 'Nose-metal', AnimationID: 9
 Object09 [6 polys, 18 verts (decal)] 'Nose'
 RightNozzle [526 polys, 1578 verts (animated)] 'Nose-metal', AnimationID: 9

Num Nodes: 250
Total:    (21140 polys, 63420 verts)
Mesh Max: (1466 polys, 4398 verts)

Looks suspiciously like it's a .lod issue, and probably cannot be "fixed" with simple _Data.ini edits, Eh?


"Swapping" the (later) Mig-29C.lod from "Czech" into "Ukraine" solves the nozzle animation problem, but may create others.  [The files are probably different for a very good reason]. However, if GodsLt desires a quick and easy solution to his reported issue, this might be something to try temporarily, at least until somebody with Blender or 3DxMax adjusts the earlier "Ukraine" Mig-29C.lod [and all the while keeping an eye out for any other problems this "swap" might cause].


(2) The Mig-29C_Czech lacks an "in-cockpit" Ground Map Radar display (although it shows up fine in the upper right of the screen).


Unfortunately, the additional "Cockpitfiles.7z" offered as a solution merely REMOVE the Ground Map Radar functions from the aircraft entirely.  This may be intentional.  Perhaps the Mig-29C actually didn't have a Ground Map Radar?

I don't know.  But, if GodsLt wants one in HIS "Mig-29C_Czech," I see no reason why he cannot have one.
And, he gets two, rather simple, choices --


(a) The Ground Map Radar in the "Mig-29C_Ukraine" functions perfectly well.

So, he can simply COPY the entire \Cockpit folder (and the "Mig-29C_Cockpit.ini" and "Mig-29C_Avionics.ini" files) from his "Mig-29C_Ukraine" folder into his "Mig-29C_Czech" folder.
He will then have the same "green" radar display set in both.


(b) The "Mig-29C_Czech" as downloaded makes a valient attempt to incorporate F-16C avionics into its HUD and Radar displays.  Examining the contents of its \Cockpit folder reveals over 220 files, most of which are unused, and the display is VERY different from that in the "Mig-29C_Ukraine" [or the original Mirage Factory cockpit].
If GodsLt (or anyone else still reading this) wishes to retain the "blue-on-black" displays, simply edit the ORIGINAL [not the one supplied with "Cockpitfiles.7z"] Mig-29C_Cockpit.ini, to "comment out" the line at "Instrument[060]" thusly --


Don't ask me why this works.  It just does.
You should now have an  "in-cockpit" ground map display to match the one in the top-right of the screen.


I hope these observations and information are useful to someone.
And, Thank You, RussoUK2004, for making these aircraft, and addressing this End-User's concerns.


Happy Gaming!



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That's very kind of you.


But, it's not like you didn't have enough on your plate, making the mods in the first place, and choosing to share them with the Community, Eh? 


If End-Users want something different, let 'em do it themselves ...

[That's something this Forum encourages, and fosters.]


Again, none of my business, but employing Beta-Testers before releasing mods to the unsuspecting Public might help avoid these little embarrassing moments ... 

Wish more Modders would do so.

And exhibit as much willingness to address End-User "issues" as you do, Russouk2004.


[And, whatever you decide to do, please don't remove all those "extra" files from your "Mig-29C_Czech" \Cockpit folder.  Great source of bits and bobs for experimentation, or use in other aircraft, if the End-User doesn't already have them somewhere ...]


Happy Gaming!



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Hey There! I think that if I change the .lods, he skins would no longer work, am I correct?

About the ground mode radar, I do not mind if it's gone or not, If the original didn't have it, then it shouldn't!

However, since I've been working fulltime, I havent had a chance to check it the fixes helped. AND i completely missed this thread!

In the event that I want to activate nozzle animations, how could I make them work again? If I were to use the MiG-29C-Czech .lod, what other problems could be caused?

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