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WoV, overwhelmed by amount of mods and DL limitation, need help on what to DL

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I don't usually annoy people in forums for this, but i need to be directed to mods for WoV. There are many of those and a limited number of downloads. i can't just download and check them one by one, that would take quite a lot of time. Also i just recently delved into the modding scene of this game(i did in the past but not in depth) and i can say im overwhelmed.


Now, im looking for just about anything to improve the game. I have already downloaded green hell 2, and in the read me im directed to VietnamSEA Tile Repaint v1.0. So for scenery i think im fine, unless you guys can suggest more.


As far as aircafts go, its not my priority, but i will take suggestions for excelent ones never the less(love the harrier, mirage, and most low tech aircrafts post korea war especially attack aircraft and unusual/experimental ones).


I have seen a lot of cloud mods, however im not sure wether one is better than the other or they are equal and its only a matter of taste.


Any mods to replace graphical effects(like the afterburner, smoke, explosions and such) with beter ones?


any sound mods to improve the game(aircraft engines and weapons?


if there are more campaigns and new areas for single missions and anything that might need to be included, by all means, shoot.

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