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English: F-5A Freedom Fighter of the Hellenic Air force.

????????: A????????? F-5A Freedom Fighter ??? ????????? ????????? A???????a?

Strike Fighter's 1/2

SKIN for the Greek F-5A,NF-5A, HAF ( 2 skin's & decal's)

This is a remake skin,from Daves,skin F-5A Plane

They are 2 skin's,1 bleu aegean an a blue grey for the planes when arrive from holland..in Greece...

I hope you like it.

Be sure to have the plane...and

..Just unzip..in a temporary place...and copy/paste the folder in your plane folder,

..copy paste the texture ini...and put the decal's in right place..

p.s Thank's the maker's of the plane.. and all the modder's..

Also combatace for this space..


The plane is ..here by Dave....



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I wish we had a Veltro's F102 Turkish skin for DACT

Edited by jeanba

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...i am really verry..with not free time....at all....! In the future i will try to fix some skin's for the turkish Air Force..! We do have the nice Anatolia terrain with a lot's of skin's

for Greece,Turkey,Agypt,Italia,...etc....! ...I ...hope... someone...better....than me... will do it before me...

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