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SF2 P-80 Shooting Star, World War 2: 1946 Mod

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SF2 P-80 Shooting Star, World War 2: 1946 Mod

SF2 P-80 Shooting Star, World War 2: 1946 mod


= For SF2 (Full4/5 Merged ONLY)

- For WW2 ETO "Luft 46" & PTO "SWOTP" style installs -


**This mod will ONLY work in SF2 Game Installs.***


Mods to the KAW F-80 by ErikGen (re)create a "What If..." version for WW2:46 usage. This mod will REPLACE the version I built many years ago from the Pasko F-80. However, I DID reuse the decals (you all know how much I hate wasting good decals!!!), and actually had to remake a few. So, if you have the earlier 1stGen mod of Pasko's, you are instructed to delete the aircraft and decals folders. As stated, this replaces that one COMPLETLY!!


This is the complete aircraft, with almost everything you need! I didn't include any weapons (bombs, rockets, etc) other than the drop tank data inis, as the tanks are built into the aircraft LOD. The pilot figure you also should have already.

You'll find in this zip 3 skin and decal sets:



336th FS 4th FG

487th FS, 352nd FG (Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney)



416th Fighter Group (74 aircraft!!!) -historically, the furst unit to field them, post-war.


Given the "What If.." nature of the mod, the start service date is listed as April, 1945. This makes the assumption (oh!! that word!!) the Normandy landings did NOT succeed, and more jets were appearing in Luftwaffe service. So, 8th Fighter Command rushed into service the P-80A Shooting Star to counter them.

Same can be said for the PTO version; based on Okinawa for Operation Olympic, they can reach Kyushu fairly easily.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! Also, the "Notes" section for other important stuff of interest.


Happy Landings!


kevin stein


*yes, even though 6 P-80s were touring Europe and the Med in 1945, they were NOT operationaly used. Given the speculative nature of the mod, it has been placed here, in "The What If.." hangar, and not into the WW2 aircraft downloads section. Enjoy!*


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